Artificial Japan – Photographs of the Yokohama School. 1860-1910

WOPART, Lugano, Centro Esposizioni, 18th-21st of November 2021 Continue reading

Artificial Japan – Photographs of the Yokohama School. 1860-1910

Mia Photo Fair, Milan, Superstudio, 7th-10th of October 2021 Continue reading

BLOOMING JAPAN – Flowers and gardens in Japanese photographies at the end of the XIX century

Milan, 29 Arts in Progress gallery, 9th of April – 22nd of May 2021 Continue reading

Souvenir du Japon. Postcards from the Ceschin Pilone Collection. 1898-1960

Lugano, MUSEC, Villa Malpensata 1st of March – 5th of September 2021 Continue reading

Kakemono. Five centuries of Japanese painting. The Perino Collection.

Lugano, MUSEC, Villa Malpensata, 17th of July 2020 – 21st of February 2021 Continue reading

Mirrors. The Reflected Self

Zurich, Rietberg Museum, 17 May – 22 September 2019 Continue reading

The Metamorphosis of Nostalgia. Exoticism and Photography between Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Lugano, MUSEC, Villa Malpensata, 7 April – 1 September 2019

Continue reading

Il samurai. Da guerriero a icona

Lugano, MUSEC, Villa Malpensata, 4 May – 26 August 2018 Continue reading

Once upon a time in Japan. 19th century photographs and netsuke

Milan, Poldi Pezzoli Museum , 11 May – 31 July 2017 The small but precious exhibition, which will be open from 11 May to 31 July, presents two different types of Japanese works of art, precisely, a selection of netsuke … Continue reading

Secret Japan. Masterpieces of photography in the 1800s

Palazzo del Governatore, Parma. 5 March – 5 June 2016 Continue reading