Blooming Japan

Blooming Japan – art talk – Milan, 29 Arts in Progress Gallery, 23 April 2021, 5 pm

A conversation about the exhibition Blooming Japan on late 1800s Japanese photographies of the Ceschin Pilone Collection will take place at 29 Arts in Progress Gallery in Milan.

The art talk will be attended by Francesco Paolo Campione (Director of MUSEC – Museo delle Culture Lugano), in dialogue with Paolo Gerini (President of Ada Ceschin and Rosanna Pilone Foundation), and exhibition’s curator Moira Luraschi. The moderator will be Eugenio Calini, Gallery Director.…


Luraschi Moira, Ehagaki. Cartoline giapponesi della Collezione Ceschin Pilone. 1898-1960, catalogue of the temporary exhibition Souvenir du Japon. Postcards from the Ceschin Pilone Collection. 1898-1960  held at MUSEC, Lugano from the 1st March up to the 5th September 2021, Edizioni FCM (Antropunti/15), Lugano, April 2021. Pp. 292 with 146 colour illustrations.…

BLOOMING JAPAN – Flowers and gardens in Japanese photographies at the end of the XIX century

Milan, 29 Arts in Progress gallery, 9th of April – 22nd of May 2021

29 Arts in Progress gallery and the Museo delle Culture di Lugano (MUSEC) present a fine selection of photographies from the Ceschin Pilone Collection about Japanese flowers and gardens. The Western point of view about Japan was greatly influenced by these images, figuring out Japan as an always-blooming idillic country.

The exhibition also shows the Japanese perspective about flowers. In the local artistic tradition flowers become significant time-markers indicating the time flowing in a ciclic view of life linked to the concept of impermanence in Buddhism.…